Reimagine and Rebuild California Schools

Restarting School with Equity at the Center

COVID-19 and our nation’s reckoning on racial justice is calling on all of us—from state to local leaders, teachers, parents, students and advocates—to transform schools and districts as we know them. Our education system cannot “go back to normal” because the prepandemic normal was not working for all students. We can instead reimagine and rebuild an education system where equity is at the center of every single decision.

The First Six Weeks

Restorative Restart

There is one bold move districts can make in the coming months. Every California district should take 6 weeks to offer students, families, and educators a restorative restart. During this time, district and school leaders and staff should prioritize the following practices and then continue to expand them year round.

Reimagine and Rebuild Publications


This brief, released by a wide-ranging coalition of California organizations, outlines steps schools and districts can take now to rebuild and recover and lay the groundwork for long term systemic transformation.


This report from Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE) offers schools and districts research and guidance in 14 action areas to support post-pandemic recovery and transformation.

Presentation Deck and Resources

Present the restorative restart ideas to others, explore practical tools and resources for budgeting and implementation, and learn more about how state and federal stimulus funds can support equity in schools. (Note: more resources will be coming soon!)

Endorsing Partners

A wide-ranging coalition of education, community, and research organizations from across California have come together to craft and endorse this vision for reimagining and rebuilding schools.

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